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Sunday, March 7, 2010

SuCcoTash, the new hash

...so I have always known that i love hashes, and in more recent years, succotash...it is so glorious. So many of my favorite things put together. So i know that many people think yuck succotash has lima beans, i hate lima beans...well there is a FANTASTIC solution for those yucky lima beans....Edamame!!!! yUm!!! what could be better than that?!?! it has protein and other good stuff, and its very tasty!

try this:
equal parts edamame and corn
1 red pepper or yellow, diced
1 red onion, diced
1 large tomatoes or 2 romas, diced
and sautee them all in a olive oil just until the onions and peppers are tender
season with cumin, lime, a bit of butter, and salt pepper

**if you like you could use a diced zucchini or ever diced beet, a fancy mushroom would be wonderful, my favorites are oysters or shiitakes, but you never can go wrong with a portobello or crimini mushroom!

***if you like a little spice you could add in a diced jalapeno and/or poblano pepper, my favorite pepper for things like this is an Anaheim pepper, they are long and skinny and very pale green, they have alittle spice but not a ton...they are just sweet, spicy and delicious! Also for spice you could add a little finally chopped chipotle pepper which would also add a bit of smokey-ness...sounds good to me!

When the warmer weather rolls around try doing some of your succotash parts on the grill. There maybe nothing I love more than grilled onions, so you could grill the onions, zucchini, peppers, mushrooms, corn on the cob and my little secret grilled vegetable, carrots, (also try grilled green onions!!) and then toss it all together with some blanched edamame or sweet peas...then add a simple dressing, you could use whatever your favorite is from the store or just go as simple as lemon and olive oil and perhaps a LITTLe GOAT cheese if you like that kinda thing. But the real secret to simple dishes like this is fresh herbs. Just find out what your favorites are, mine are basil and cilantro so i tend to lean towards those, but if you love thyme, it goes well with everything!

Now for a very special twist, what if you just put succotash and hash together....i love to use a combination of  sweet potato and Yukon golds  or use a butternut squash, then just add all my succotash favorites, also you could use a diced apple....think about this- butternut squash, sweet potato, Fuji apple, red onion, corn, and red pepper...seasoned with cajun and fresh ground black pepper. This would be delicious with a grilled pork chop or pan seared pork tenderloin medallions...or the possibilities are endless!

Now lets talk about pairing, you could put a succotash or hash with just about anything you desire but i recommend scallops, grilled shrimp, just about any pork that is not something like ham...you could do it though with a smoked and pulled pork, or maybe this would be great with a nice piece of salmon...think of all the good things you would get in a meal with salmon, edamame, and then maybe add a bit of wilted spinach?!?!? sounds like a super star meal to me throw in a nice glass of wine and its golden!

Man I hope all of you are getting as overly excited about all this as I am! Happy cooking and even happier EATING! dazzle your taste buds!

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