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Thursday, March 11, 2010

...helPfUL hiT #2:

....some people say they can't cook or when they cook it never tastes as good as mine well there are many secrets to cooking like a professional,  that i'm sure i will SHARE with you thoughout this blog if you pay attention, but the best kept secret is....L O V E, love. Everything in life is better when love is involved, and food folks is no different. Don't let the food intimidate you, people can taste and smell fear, i promise. Cook with confidence, it makes cooking easier, but if all else fail just add a ton of love. I love what i do, i love tastes, smells, the look and feel of food, and most of all the light it puts in people eyes when good things are on their plate, that is love. It is what got me into cooking and it is what keeps me cooking every day...i try to fill each bite with love the same way i do when i'm painting...what is the point of doing things you don't love, so share that love in each bite and day by day your cooking will grow and get better....so there you have it folks the biggest professional secret, love, well that and salt, but that's a whole other blog, happy loving :o)

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