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Saturday, March 6, 2010

just another manic day

so while making hummus today i had an epiphany, most people do not know how to make hummus. Well i made a DELICIOUS hummus today so to start this food blog off on the right foot I'm going to share a few easy steps with you to a yummy and easy hummus. Traditional hummus is chickpeas, tahini, lemon, salt, and olive oil. But SURPRISE! you can make it whatever flavor you want, and cut back the fat by cutting out the tahini. So today i made a Mediterranean white bean and black pepper, here's what i did. I started with...

1 can chickpeas (aka garbanzo beans)
1 can white beans
1 roasted red bell pepper
1 handful sundried tomatoes (not the pack in oil kind)
2 T fresh ground black pepper
1 T Ancho spice (you should be able to find an ancho spice blend in the store)
(or you can leave it out, just add some garlic salt, dried onion, and cumin)
1/2 c oil

put it all in the food processor and WHA-la you have a yummy snack and great veggie dip. (you could do it in the blender too you will just need to add a bit more oil and make sure to stir it ALOT.) ENJOY!!!!

Hint #2: You can make any flavor Ice Cream you want if you have a good vanilla ice cream. Just take your favorite vanilla ice cream and put it in you mixer and add any flavor to get what you want. Rocky road just add marshmallows fluff or small marshmellows whichever you prefer, peanuts, chocolate syrup, and chocolate pieces and there you go. It is a bit like cold stone creamery right in your house! Think how much fun you can have with you kids and all the money you can save! FYI if you want a flavor like coffee you will need to reduce the coffee down in a sauce pot or make really strong coffee in a french press to get a strong enough flavor!

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