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Thursday, October 14, 2010

CoLd air, WaRm your house, with a CRISP***

...i have returned, married, happy, and ready to write again. To share my journeys and triumphs over food and little bits of knowledge about life. I'm sorry I have been away but i guess I need a bit of a hOLiDay from EVERYTHING that wasn't wedding related, so that i could make clear choices and go forth in my life with unclouded vision of what lay ahead. Well its all over now, and I miss is already, but now i must FoCuS on the things at hand...I have been meaning to come back to blogging several times, but until now I felt like I was LACKING inside what I need to share with you all....well the wait is over, in a warm, gooey, delicious smelling goodness from my oven I found what i needed to speak again...i found my voice again inside a PEAR CRISP and I'm dying to tell you ALL about it!

**FrUiT CriSp**

The best thing about crisp is that the options are nearly limitless....
My first venture into crisp this year was 
#1)PEAR & APPLE, that was deligtfull
#2) APPLE & MaNgo, even better
#3) MaNgo, PeaCh & APPLE, yum yum

What you need to start:
9x9 baking dish
(or whatever you have you can easily scale the recipe to what you need because no measurement is exact!!)
Apple, mango, peach. cherry, strawberry, pear, sweet potato, 
pumpkin, blueberry, banana, rhubarb & the list goes on...
(just stay away from anything like citrus, you can use the zest for flavor, 
but the fruit itself will not hold up!)

cut your fruit up into bite size pieces or slices
(you will need about 4 - 5 cups of fruit)
and put them into a baking dish leaving at least 2" at the top
sprinkle in sugar to sweeten
(**with the mango & peach crisp I put a can of dolce do leche milk, it was AWESOME! you just have to be careful how long you bake it, or it will look weird, but it will continue to taste great! For your second attempt, try it, its YUMMMMMY!**)

in a bowl:
2 c Oatmeal (not steel ground)
3/4 c. flour 
1 c. sugar (I prefer dark brown sugar)
and 1 t of seasoning
this is what I use:
MEXICAN cinnamon 
(you can use whatever kind you have, but i prefer the MEXICAN kind)
anise seed
***I put all those things in my spice grinder mix up a big batch and use it for all kings of sweet things, like pancakes, french toast, even in my coffee filter for a little extra ZIP in my coffee***
and 1 stick of butter, melted

mix all together and pack on top of fruit
then place in a 400 degree oven 
(put a sheet pan underneath just incase it bubbles over, so you don't have to clean to oven!:o) )
bake for about 30 minutes
or until top is golden and insides are BUBBLY! 

remove from the oven, let cool slightly before enjoying so you do NOT burn your mouth!

I love to serve this will vanilla or cinnamon ice cream
or just a nice homemade whipped cream
or greek yogurt!

Try it, you will LOVE IT!


1 c. heavy whipping cream
in the bowl of a mixer
or in a nice big bowl and with an extra arm around when your gets tired :0)
1/2 c. powdered sugar

if you are whipping by hand use a figure 8 motion for maximum results
when if looks delicious, stop!

if you over whip it will look like butter, but still taste good
its good practice to screw it up first, because the next time you will stop before you get there!

HAPPY COOKING, and welcome back!

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  1. Yummy crisps that even men that normally say, "no" to, are saying "YES, MORE PLEASE".