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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

to render***

i thought that i wanted to make a big list of terms on what different cooking terms, but i'm finding that hard to do....I have trouble discerning the terms from the words a, the, it....normal every day words, because they are my everyday words...so i'm going to ask for alittle bit of help from you my faithful readers (Mary i know you have some good ones!) to give me words you don't and i promise to put them into words you can understand...i just have to know what the words are. So please help me discern between the cooking terms and the everyday words, maybe one word at a time and we can both learn something!

to here is a few of the OFFICIAL definitions that i liked:

ren·der [ren-der] 

–verb (used with object)
1)to cause to be or become; make: to render someone helpless  
***(the raw bacon becomes helpless to it better crispy from and leaves behind its wonderful fat)
2)to do; perform: to render a service. 
***(the bacon performs the service of becoming dinner)
3)to exhibit or show (obedience, attention, etc.)
***(bacon exhibits how awesome it is by becoming crispy and swimming in a pool of its own fat)
4)to represent (a perspective view of a projected building) in drawing or painting. 
***(the bacon REPRESENTS!!!)
5)to give back; restore (often fol. by back). 
***(the fatty uncooked bacon is restored to awesome!)
6)to give up; surrender. 
***(the bacon give up, give in, to being awesome enough to be eaten)
Drum roll please, the actual definition is---->
to melt down; extract the impurities from by melting: to render fat. 
now in my words:
rending is the process of extracting the fat from any meat that has fat. it is most commonly used with bacon because the fat from the bacon is usually saved and used. 
When talking about other meats we generally just use the term browning or searing...even though we can mean rendering. 
this is how you render:
when you are rendering bacon i find it best to start with a warm pan, 
place you bacon in the pan 
it shouldn't need any oil 
because when put in a warm pan the bacon will begin to release it fat fairly quickly.
you want to keep a close eye on it
and keep the heat at a moderate temperature 
because as soon as the bacon is swimming in the fat and beginning to brown
you want to either remove the bacon if it is the crispyness you desire
or turn the heat way down so it crisps slow and
doesn't go from crispy to BURNT!

When the rendering is over you are left with 2 products
1)delicious bacon
2) useful and tasty fat

and that my friends is rendering!
***and please take my plea for help honestly and bring my any terms or processes you don't understand, i'm here to help, so help me help you!


  1. Yay! I can hardly wait to render something now. But as far as giving you help with cooking terms, I don't think I can help much because I don't even know that I know know until I see one in your recipe, at which point I think, "Hmmmm...I wonder what the heck that means..." (All I know is that reading your blog makes me hungry.) Anyway, I will just ask for further clarification in my posts when I come across those alien terms. You have your work cut out for you with me, sister! :-)

  2. Make that, "I don't even know that I don't know until I see one in your recipe..."